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Side-effects of Roaccutane

The side-effects of Roaccutane are common, but normally easy to manage.

Dry lips are the most common side effect. Lip balm must be applied every 30 to 60 minutes to prevent the lips from cracking. It is not too difficult to manage the lip dryness.

Dry skin is the second most common side-effect. The skin dryness can be easily managed by the regular application of skin moisturizer.

The third most common side effect of Roaccutane is sun sensitivity. Winter is the easiest time to be on Roaccutane, but Roaccutane can also be taken in summer. The regular application of a sun block is essential.

The other potential side effects are much rarer. Mild joint pain and lower back pain are rare side effects and almost never required treatment. Dry eyes can occasionally be a problem, but moisturising eye drops easily controls the eye dryness.

It is unclear if Roaccutane can trigger depression. Some studies have found no link between Roaccutane and depression. However, if patients have a family history of depression, prescribing Roaccutane should be carefully considered.

Females must be on contraception while on Roaccutane, because Roaccutane can cause birth defects.

It is extremely rare for Roaccutane to cause liver, kidney or bone marrow abnormalities, but we still recommended monitoring the function of these organs with blood tests where indicated.

In general Roaccutane is an extremely safe drug if used correctly. It has the potential to prevent Acne from scarring, which can cause lifelong suffering and psychological problems.