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The role of a moisturiser in skincare

the role of a moisturiser


The role of a moisturiser in skincare is to moisturise. Obvious, right?! Well, surprisingly, people often forget that. Consider a glass of water. Once the glass is full, adding more water will not fill it up more. Likewise, if your skin is not dry, applying more moisturiser will not contribute anything.

Moisturise only if your skin is dry. The role of a moisturiser is not to delay ageing and will also not prevent wrinkles.

If your skin is dry, however, apply the moisturiser as infrequently as is necessary to alleviate the dryness. Start with once a day and increase the frequency of application from there.

Rather spend your money on a good sunblock and apply it regularly. Even for people with dry skin, applying only a sunblock might be sufficient to moisturise their facial skin, because most of a sunblock is a moisturiser.