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Skin needling for stretch marks

A 2012 study from Seoul, South Korea investigated skin needling for the treatment of stretch marks.

After each patient received three treatments at montly intervals their findings were as follows: “Marked to excellent improvement was noted in seven (43.8%) patients, with minimal to moderate improvement in the remaining nine. Patient satisfaction scores showed that six (37.5%) patients were highly satisfied, eight (50.0%) were somewhat satisfied, and two (12.5%) were unsatisfied. There were no significant side effects except mild pain, erythema, and spotty bleeding”.

The treatment is done under local anesthetic and is well tolerated.

Watch the video for an overview of the system we use for skin needling.


6 thoughts to “Skin needling for stretch marks”

  1. Hi Dr Louw,

    I have had terrible stretch marks from my teens on my lower legs behind the knee. I recently fell ill and lost a lot of weight, I notice that I have stretch marks on my upper leg behind the thighs. This is really stressful and has resulted in a lot of anxiety ans social withdrawal. What is your expect advise on dealing with these and how much would it cost to have treatment. The area in my lower legs cover 10CM x 15CM and the are in my upper legs cover 5CM x 7 CM. Please help!

    1. Dear T. I use microneedling for stretch marks. The procedure is repeated every 3-6 weeks until there is sufficient improvement.

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