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Skin needling for scars

Skin needling is used for scars affecting the superficial dermis to mid dermis. It does not work nearly as well for deeper scars. Other treatments are used for deeper scars.

Skin needling causes thousands of microscopic punctures in the skin. Skin needling improves scarring by causing collagen remodeling.

The treatment session takes about 30 minutes, but the patient comes to the clinic 90 minutes before the procedure for the application of a numbing gel. The gel is applied over the whole area that requires treatment and left on for 90 minutes. During this time the patient will be in a private room. After 90 minutes the numbing gel is removed, the skin is cleansed and the treatment is done.

After the treatment the skin will be red, with areas of pinpoint bleeding. For the next 12-24 areas no make-up should be worn and the area only cleansed with water. The redness subsides after 24 hours or so.

The cost of treatment depends on the size of the area that requires treatment, but for a whole face the cost is around R2600. Treatment sessions are spaced apart at least 4-6 weeks.

10 thoughts to “Skin needling for scars”

    1. Good day Fiona

      Laser, topical applications and glycolic acid peels are amongst the treatment options for hyperpigmentation. Always wear sun protection.

  1. Is this suitable for burns to a hand scarring after a skin graft? I have tight skin around my knuckles and various other cosmetic skin tag like scars from my surgery I would like to have someone take a look at.

  2. Hi Doc,

    Is skin needling only effective for light scarring or will it also help for light pigmentation. I am 27 years old and have very light pigmentation on the nose and cheeks.

      1. Hi doc,
        Do you have any advice for pigmentation?
        Is there any way that it can be removed apart from skin grafting?


        1. Good day Farah

          Laser, glycolic acid peels and topical applications are some of the treatment options for Hyperpigmentation.

  3. It will be appreciated if you can give me a pricelist for skin needling and botox. Kind Regards Helena

    1. Dear Helena. The Botox prices are on the webpage.

      The price for needling depends on the area that is treated. Ballpark R1200-R1800 per session.

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