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Skin Allergy Test

patch test for allergic contact dermatitis

There are two main types of skin allergy. Contact dermatitis and Urticaria.

The cause of a Contact dermatitis is investigated by doing a Patch Test. The basic Patch Test will include the 43 most common triggers of contact dermatitis, suspended in Vaseline.





A Patch Test starts by patching these allergens on the patients back and leaving them in place for 48 hours. A contact dermatitis is revealed by a red bump appearing under the causative allergen within 36 to 96 hours.



The Patch Test is normally done on a Monday and the patient returns to the clinic on Wednesday and Friday to check for signs of contact dermatitis. The patches are removed on the Wednesday.

Once an allergy inducing substance is identified in this way it can be avoided.

8 thoughts to “Skin Allergy Test”

  1. Hi

    My wife suffers from chronic itching over her entire body. She’s been to many doctors and specialists and so far nothing helps. She takes huge amounts of Texa and Rupanase but to no avail. What is the success rate for correct diagnosis with the patch test and can it pick up if medication she’s using is the cause?

    Thank you.

    1. Good day Leonard

      Allergy Patch Test, if indicated, can effectively determine the cause of Dermatitis.

  2. Hi there,

    I have a recurring rash that developed under my armpits while working on a cruise liner,it gets really itchy and then goes away leaving scaly skin behind that sometimes flakes, up until either I sweat or shower and It flares up again, I have tried mylocort cream, allergex creams, normal creams, anti-histamine tablets, non deoderant use for a few weeks, sanex sensitive deo and mitchum sensitive liquid and roll-on deo, nothing takes it away, and its now been months living with the itch. Will a skin patch test help determine if im allergic to something if its an allergy at all?


    1. Dear Kyle. It might, but most likely a simple skin examination will be enough to make the diagnosis.

    1. Dear Laura. Patch tests test for allergies to substances that can physically touch the skin. It is also used to evaluate food allergies, but only for foods that can cause a skin rash by coming into physical contact with the skin.

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