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Online Consultation

What is an online consultation?

It is a consultation via email and/or video.

Who will do the online consultation?

Dr. Jean Louw, a qualified dermatologist.

How accurate is online consultations versus face-to-face consultations?

Studies suggest that the diagnostic accuracy of an online consultation is between 80-90% of a face-to-face consultation. Occasionally additional photos or a video consultation might be needed.

What does an online consultation cost?


How do I make payment?

To make a secure online payment, please click on the button below. Payfast is a secure online payment processor trusted by well known South African companies like TAKEALOT, TicketPros and Bid or Buy.

How do I start the online consultation?

Please email the following to the practice:

  • A short history of the problem
  • Good photos, taken outside in sunlight at high resolution
  • Proof of payment

Dr. Louw will then reply to you via email. He might request a video consultation via Skype or Zoom.

When does an online consultation end?

A consultation is concluded once a diagnosis is made or if Dr. Louw decides a diagnosis is not possible via an online consultation.

What happens if a diagnosis cannot be made via an online consultation?

A prescription will not be issued and you will need to schedule a face-to-face consultation. The cost of the online consultation will not be refunded, but will be deducted from the face-to-face consultation fee.

How do I receive a prescription for medication?

Dr. Louw will issue a prescription that can be emailed to you.

487 thoughts to “Online Consultation”

  1. Hi there Sister Jessica,
    I have a concern. When on honeymoon I was bitten by a very small tick. I woke up with the tick on my arm the next morning so not sure how long it was there. Two weeks after the bite I started developing a rash on both of my arms, my left arm started up first and that is where the tick bit me. It itches very much the same as bite marks. It has been five weeks and the itching has not stopped and it looks like the rash is spreading. I also have very bad migraines and my one wrist is quite sore. I am not sure if I am allergic to something. Could I please get some advise on what to do.
    Thank you

    1. Good day Adri

      Please schedule an appointment to consult with the Dermatologist in order to determine type, cause and treatment of rash.

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