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Mole Removal

Mole removal is done for two reasons

  1. When there is any doubt about whether the mole might be a Malignant Melanoma
  2. For cosmetic or mechanical (moles catching in clothing etc) reasons

Will I reduce my chances of melanoma by removing moles?

It is a common misconception that you can reduce the chances of developing Malignant Melanoma by removing normal moles. The chances are in fact greater to develop a Malignant Melanoma in previously normal skin than to develop a Malignant Melanoma in a pre-existing mole.

How does mole removal work for suspicious looking moles?

If there is any doubt that a mole might be a Malignant Melanoma the mole must be completely excised and sent to the laboratory for histological evaluation. If it does prove to be a Malignant Melanoma, a wider re-excision is generally necessary.

How does mole removal work for non-suspicious looking moles?

Moles removed for cosmetic or mechanical reasons can be removed by a technique called shave excision where the mole is literally shaved flush with the skin. No stitches are needed and the cosmetic outcome is generally better compared to excision with stitching. The mole will routinely still be sent to the laboratory.

102 thoughts to “Mole Removal”

    1. Hi Chloe. It depends on various factors like the size and position of the mole….. Ballpark between R1200 and R1600 or so.

    1. Good day

      Treatment and cost thereof is dependant on the type of treatment indicated by the Dermatologist.

  1. Hi, I am pregnant and have a mole above my ear that has been growing over the past months. Could this growth be related to the pregnancy? Can i have it removed while I am still pregnant?

    1. Good day Sylvia

      It would be best to see the Dr for assessment of the Mole. It may be possible for it to be removed whilst pregnant.

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