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Laser therapy for scars

Laser therapy can be used for superfical scarring resulting for Acne and other condition. For deeper scarring that extends deeper than the mid dermis, other treatment options are required.

The following laser are commonly used to treat superficial scarring:

Upper dermis to mid dermis scarring/volume loss treatments:

  • Laser that affect brown and red spots (in cases where there is not volume loss, just surface col0ur change)
  • Fraxel laser
  • Fraxionated Co2 laser (especially of skin laxity is a problem, as in older people)

8 thoughts to “Laser therapy for scars”

  1. Hi i had a ringworm when i was a baby… however in my teenage and now early adult years the round spot on my cheek has become more visible. I also seem to have more melasma-like spots in closeby areas of that same cheek. Would laser treatment be suitable for such a condition? Or what treatment should be done?

    I would definitely like to book a consultation as this is bothering me.
    Kind regards

  2. I have superficial scars from childhood burns on my thighs as well as scars on my legs from shaving. Which treatment would be most suitable for me and what would be the price range?

  3. Hi
    My daughter has terrible scars on her legs from shaving. it itches and she scratches them open till they bleed. What are the prices per session? What skin lightning cream can I use and where can I purchase it.

    Desperate Mom

    1. Dear S. How long it takes to see improvement, the degree of improvement and the treatment options are all variable. In general a sunblock and skin lightening cream is a good place to start. Expect to use it for at least a few months. Sometimes, certain lasers or IPL’s can also be used, depending on your normal skin colour.

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