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Laser Blood Vessel Removal

Can all skin types with excess blood vessels be treated with laser therapy?

Laser blood vessel removal can only be done in people with fair skin.

Which types of blood vessels can be treated with laser therapy?

All types of small blood vessels. Both reddish vessels, that are common on the face and blueish vessels, that are common on the legs can be treated. Diffuse redness as are commonly seen on the face and incorrectly associated with excess alcohol consumption, can also be treated by targeting invisible microscopic blood vessels.

How successful is the treatment?

Most patients will need between 1 and 3 treatment sessions, depending on the number of blood vessels and the specific disorder that is treated. A 50-90% reduction in blood vessels can be expected.

Laser Blood Vessel Removal

Before & After

Here are some moreĀ Before & After photos.

Can any part of the body be treated?


What happens during a treatment session?

The eyes are covered with goggles and a thin layer of gel is applied to the treatment area. The laser is placed on your skin and you will be aware of a series of bright flashes as the laser is moved over the treatment area.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment can be quite painful, but most people can tolerate the treatment without taking an analgesic. Vessels on the legs and nose are not so uncomfortable to treat, but vessels on the cheeks tend to be uncomfortable without pain relief. We suggest you take an analgesic prior to having the cheeks treated.

What happens after the treatment session?

Most patients experience an almost immediate swelling and redness of the area after the treatment. This reaction confirms that the blood vessels were successfully targeted by the laser. Over the next day or two the area might become more swollen after which the swelling gradually subsides. Any of the treated areas can be easily camouflaged with base while the effects of the laser fades.

Will the blood vessels come back?

If the underlying cause of the problem persist, like continual excessive sun exposure, then the blood vessels can reappear over time. Every patient is therefore given a post treatment plan to minimize the chance of the blood vessels returning.

What does the laser vessel removal treatment cost?

It depends on the size of the area that needs treatment.

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