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Immunotherapy injections for warts

Immunotherapy injections for warts is an effective treatment with no risk of scarring.

Warts are very common and can be difficult to treat. There are a many different therapies available.  As a specialist dermatology clinic we see patients with warts that are resistant to conventional therapies like liquid nitrogen therapy and salicylic acid applications. One of the treatment options for these difficult warts are Candida immunotherapy injections or MMR immunotherapy injections.


How does Candida and MMR immunotherapy injections work?

The procedure is very simple and involves a single injection of a tiny amount of Candida antigen or MMR antigen in liquid form into one of the warts, usually the biggest one.

How does Candida and MMR immunotherapy help to cure warts?
Warts can “hide” from the bodies immune system resulting in a lack of an immune response to the warts. The warts can then persist and proliferate. Candida antigen will almost always elicit an immune response when injected into human skin. When injected into a wart an immune response is elicited in and around the wart which can then expose the wart to the bodies immune system.

What is Candida antigen?
Candida is a genus of yeasts. The most significant member of the genus is Candida albicans, which can cause numerous infections (called candidiasis or thrush) in humans. Candida antigen is a chemical extraction from the Candida yeast.

How effective is Candida and MMR immunotherapy?
Cure rates between 50% and 90% have been reported with 1-3 injections spaced one month apart.

Are there other advantages to Candida and MMR immunotherapy?
Immunotherapy has a negligible risk of scarring and is less uncomfortable than conventional wart therapies. It also has the potential advantage of resolving warts distant from the wart that is injected. Immunotherapy holds the most promise for future treatment of warts.

What does Candida Immunotherapy cost?
About R500-R750 per month (2013).

3 thoughts to “Immunotherapy injections for warts”

  1. Hi my daughter has just given birth and during her pregnancy started getting vaginal warts. Will this treatment help her? Is this safe while breastfeeding?? Please reply soonest.

    1. Dear Shireen. It is safe while breastfeeding, but there are many ways to treatment vaginal warts. The first step would be to make sure it is in fact warts!

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