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Botox for sweaty armpits

Sweaty armpits can be a major social problem. When topical antiperspirants fail to control excessive sweating, Botox injections into the skin of the underarms can be considered. The procedure is quick and simple. The average patient can expect dry armpits for between 3 -9 months. Some patients prefer to do the treatment once a year, before summer.

The first step is to apply an Iodine containing solution to the skin of the underarms. The iodine stains the skin brownish, but is washed of easily afterwards. Corn starch is then immediately applied over the stained area with a brush.

Iodine applied to underarms before Botox injection

Brush used to apply starch to underarms before Botox injections

Sweat interacts with the corn starch and iodine and the sweating area turns purple. In some patients a very small area might be causing the excessive sweating, in which case less Botox will be required.

Sweating area turning purple after starch application before Botox injection















A grid pattern is drawn over the demarcated sweating area and Botox is injected into the centre of each block. The whole procedure can be completed in 20 minutes. The injections are slightly painful, but because the injections are very superficial and the needle extremely thin, patients tolerate it easily. If someone  is needle phobic a numbing gel can be applied to the armpits for 30 minutes before the injections are done.















The cost of the procedure depends on the size of the sweating area and varies between R1400 and R2800 per underarm.

2 thoughts to “Botox for sweaty armpits”

  1. Im suffering from sweating under my arm pits. The sweating is causing an odour as soon as I use roll-on an my body overheat its starts to sweat an cause me to have that odour under my arm pits. Its really imberassing due to this I dont feel like being in public with other people I feel to humiliated.

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