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The clinic offers the full range of dermatology services, covering medical, surgical, oncology and cosmetic dermatology.

General medical dermatology involves diagnosis of skin conditions, allergy testing and treatments with oral medication, topical products and UVB light therapy for Psoriasis, Vitiligo and eczema.

Surgical dermatology includes liquid nitrogen therapy, excision of skin lesions, curettage & cautery of skin lesions, injections of various types, treatments for scarring and laser therapy for pigmentation, blood vessels and hair removal.

Dermatological oncology is concerned with the treatment of skin cancers with topical products, excision of skin cancers, cryotherapy and photodynamic therapy.

Cosmetic dermatology includes laser therapies for skin rejuventation, sclerotherapy for leg veins, Botox injections for wrinkles and skin needling for skin texture improvement.

Please follow the links in the Services Menu above for detailed information on the various dermatology services. All procedures are performed by a dermatologist, or is performed under the direct supervision of a dermatologist.


The first time consultation fee is R1060 (2021). Follow-up consultations of the same condition, within 6 months of the first consultation, is R850 (2021). This excludes any procedure fee.

[notification type=”alert-danger” close=”false” ]Fees for any procedures and medications are excluded from the consultation fee. If any tissue samples are sent to the laboratory a separate invoice will be issued by the laboratory and emailed or posted to the patient.[/notification]

Patients settle their account on the day of consultation. The practice accepts cash, cheques and credit cards. The patient will be provided with a detailed statement. The practice does not not liaise with any medical aids and the patient is responsible for submitting the provided statement to their own medical aid for reimbursement.

36 thoughts to “Services”

  1. Hi Doctor.I am 23 I had chicken pox when I was a kid and it resulted on my body having embarrassing scars( face, arms ,thighs ,and many of them on my legs) can you recommend me some creams or treatment to consider since these are very old scars

  2. Hi doctor Ive had syringomas all over my neck for several years now and I was just wondering if you do treatments for them

  3. hi I would just like to know if I could get laser treatment for past acne. I’ve been of all sorts of treatments for it.The hospital has given me creams and tablets but the redness in my face didn’t go away; now I just have dark marks and pimples in my face.

    1. Hello Rizqah. Untreated Acne can cause scarring and hyperpigmentation for which there are various treatments. It would be best to consult with a Dermatologist.

  4. Good day Dr Louw,

    I developed a skin irritation about 6 months ago and it has become progressively worse. I saw a dermatologist about a month ago and he was unable to diagnose it so he prescribed cortisone cream but this did not clear it up. I have since returned from a wintery overseas trip and noticed that heat and direct exposure to the sun seems to aggrevate the skin condition. I can describe it as follows: tiny white heads located at the site of the hair follicle and encapsulated by a red fluid-containing blister. These blisters/pimples cover my knees and a good portion of the front of my thighs, and there are a few odd ones on the front of my lower leg (shin). When scratched or cut open (through shaving), they bleed profusely and leave scabs which turn into scars. I have not changed my razor, skin care products, washing powder, or anything that comes into contact with the skin on my legs. This skin reaction is very itchy and is often burning and can be sore when touched. It is also very unsightly and as an active, outdoorsy individual it is really bothering me.

    Please would you offer me some advice. I have Googled a lot and it seems to sound and look like an infection like Staph. Folliculitis.

    1. Dear Tammy. I would have to see it, to make a diagnosis first. Any useful advise will follow a correct diagnosis.

  5. Hi doctor iv had a red circle on the side of my cheek with the normal color of my skin for almost two years now I went to a doctor and asked if I might be a ring worm he said no and to see a dermatolagist. It use to flair up if I use any type of cream doesn’t flair up anymore but its still there I wanted to know if u might know what it is and how it can be cured. Thanx

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