The clinic offers the full range of dermatology services, covering medical, surgical, oncology and cosmetic dermatology.

General medical dermatology involves diagnosis of skin conditions, allergy testing and treatments with oral medication, topical products and UVB light therapy for Psoriasis, Vitiligo and eczema.

Surgical dermatology includes liquid nitrogen therapy, excision of skin lesions, curettage & cautery of skin lesions, injections of various types, treatments for scarring and laser therapy for pigmentation, blood vessels and hair removal.

Dermatological oncology is concerned with the treatment of skin cancers with topical products, excision of skin cancers, cryotherapy and photodynamic therapy.

Cosmetic dermatology includes laser therapies for skin rejuventation, sclerotherapy for leg veins, Botox injections for wrinkles and skin needling for skin texture improvement.

Please follow the links in the Services Menu above for detailed information on the various dermatology services. All procedures are performed by a dermatologist, or is performed under the direct supervision of a dermatologist.


The first time consultation fee is R960 (2019). Follow-up consultations of the same condition, within 6 months of the first consultation, is R770 (2019).

Fees for any procedures and medications are excluded from the consultation fee. If any tissue samples are sent to the laboratory a separate invoice will be issued by the laboratory and emailed or posted to the patient.

Patients settle their account on the day of consultation. The practice accepts cash, cheques and credit cards. The patient will be provided with a detailed statement. The practice does not not liaise with any medical aids and the patient is responsible for submitting the provided statement to their own medical aid for reimbursement.

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  1. I have a scar on my face which is 3mm in width and 15mm in lenght and I have had the scar for 12 years now and I hate it.My freind cutted me with glass when we were kids,I was just wondering if punch excision could work on removing it.

    1. Dear Z. No, punch excision will not work for linear scars. Microneedling will perhaps be the first line treatment, but I might decide otherwise when I see it.

  2. Hallo! Ek kry al vir meer as n jaar n vreeslike uitslag op my hele lyf. Dit lyk asof ek my lyk krap. Die uitslag is lang merke. Ek was al by verskei dokters. Daar word net allergie pille voorgeskryf. Die een dokter het gese dit lyk stres verwant. Ek wou n allergie toets laat doen, maar die dokter se dit kan my duisende rande kos en dis nie gewaarborg om die probleem op te los. Is daar dalk is wat Dr kan aanbeveel?

  3. Hi Dr,

    I have 4 warts that have appeared on my right hand over the last year. Two are on my thumb and don’t appear to be receding. They don’t bother me too much but I’m worried about how suddenly they’ve appeared. I had it checked out earlier in the year by a dermatologist.

    I don’t want my hands covered in warts!

    Is your recommendation to have them removed or to leave them? How do I know that they will stay away once burnt off?



    1. Dear Ruby. Almost all warts will eventually resolve, but I would suggest you start treating them with topical Salicylic acid (Duofilm), to miminize the risk of spread.

  4. Good afternoon Doctor,

    My daughter was born with a “red/strawberry” (don’t know what it’s called) mark on her cheek. I would really appreciate it if you could advise me accordingly. She is 4 years of age, and we would like to do something about it before she goes to school – from a phcycological point of view. If possible, could you also advise me what the costs for consultation, etc would be?

    Your response would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and kindest regards,

    1. Dear Alicia. The options are:

      1. to leave it and let it resolve on its own
      2. certain topical preperations
      3. laser therapy.

      The consultation fees are here.

  5. Hallo Dr.
    Ons seuntjie is nou 8maande en sit met Atopiese ekseem in die gesiggie. Ek was al by verskeie dermatoloe. Hy het op 6weke begin met die merkie in gesiggie en dit raak net erger. daar het op n staduim so geelerige vogtigheid uitgekom al soos wat hy bly krap. Die dermatoloog het Procutan voorgeskryf, hyt dit 3maande gebruik en geen verbetering gehad nie, toe skryf n ander dermatoloog Advantan voor, wat ek 7dae moes gebruik vir hom, en dit het baie mooi reggekom, maar na 7dae toe raak merkie weer baie erg. Ek bad hom net met Cetaphil RestoreaDerm, gebruik atopiclair room en dan Advantan. maar eks skrikkerig vir die langdurige gebruik van Advantan. Is daar dalk enige raad?

    1. Beste Joriena. Atopiese dermatitis se beheer is kompleks….wat jy sover doen klink egter redelik. Solank die gebruik van Advantan afneem is dit ok, andersins moet mens ‘n ander plan maak.

  6. Good morning Dr. Louw
    I am a 22 year old male, I’ve had AKN at the back of my head since the age of 17. I’ve been to various doctors and they only seem to give creams and ointments which do not help at all. Can you help me please? The condition seems to worsen every time I have to cut my hair.

    1. Dear Carl. The treatment of AKN involved lifestyle changes, medical treatments and sometimes surgical treatments. It depends on the severity of the AKN. Shaving you hair less short is a good start. Second line treatment is normally certain oral antibiotics with or without limited surgical treatments….

  7. Hallo dokter Louw.
    Ek het my oorlede pa se ‘ken-sakkie’ ge-erf. Ek voel vreeslik selfbewus oor dit en wil asb weet watse tipe behandeling beskikbaar is en die koste verbonde daaraan; ek is 50 jaar oud en is tans huisvrou en wil ook weet of daar afbetalings metodes is vir behandeling.
    Baie dankie

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