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IPL vs laser

IPL vs laserIPL vs laser – what is the difference?

a Laser emits a single wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. an IPL emits a band of wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. The energy waves that a laser emits is coherent whereas an IPL emits incoherant energy waves. Coherant means the peaks and throughs of the waves are the same in time and space.

IPL vs laser – which works better?

No. The indications for the use of IPL and laser overlap to a great extent. For certain indications laser might be better and for other indications IPL might be better. The so-called 2nd generation IPL’s are however superior to the 1st generation IPL’s. 2nd Generation IPL’s do not heat water and emit the energy waves in a more controlled manner. These characteristics make it safer. An example of a 2nd generation IPL is the Ellipse Flex. Probably the biggest factor influencing the efficacy of any piece of equipment is the operator of the equipment!