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Cantharidin application for Molluscum

Cantharidin application is the treatment of choice for extensive Molluscum Contagiosum.

Molluscum Contagiosum is caused by a viral infection of the skin. The condition is limited to the skin and does not spread through the blood, but from direct contact with an infected area.

It is a very common condition that can affect both adults and children. Children with eczema is especially susceptible to infection. The eczematous areas itself are often involved.

Molluscum Contagiosum always clears up by itself eventually, but can be distressing and unsightly while it is still present. Most people therefore prefer to treat it anyway.

It is very important to choose a treatment option with no significant risk of scarring. Liquid nitrogen therapy (freezing) and surgical removal (curetting) both have a risk of leaving a scar. Aldara treatment takes weeks to months to complete and is not always successful.

Cantharidin application for Molluscum is painless to apply and heals without scarring. The reason that it heals without scarring is because Cantharidin does not affect the dermis, only the epidermis.

After application a small blister will form within 24-48 hours. This blister lifts the Molluscum off the underlying dermis. A small scab will then form and the healing process is normally complete in 7-10 days.

The procedure for treating warts with Cantharidin is similar, except that certain warts should be shaved or pared down before application of Cantharidin.

37 thoughts to “Cantharidin application for Molluscum”

  1. Is tape safe to use when applying This acid??? Some doctors say no! It not safe!!
    What do u think.?? Also was my son too little for this treatment? How old do you have to be for This type of treatment?

    1. Good day Teresa

      Applying tape immediately after application of Cantharidin and once it is dry is safe to apply. The tape should be removed approximately 4 hours later before treatment area begins to blister.

  2. Hi there,

    have a genital wart that got treated, i believe this way (she said it would blister and applied it with a qtip). This is day 2 but the blister popped. i sanitized with alcohol. what do i do? how long will it take to heal? will it all fall off or has the popping made the treatment ineffective.


    1. Good day

      A blister usually take a few days to heal. Popping the blister will not make the treatment ineffective.

    1. Good day Melissa

      Cantharidine can be applied to the face with extreme care and by an experienced Dermatologist.

    2. Good day Melissa

      Cantharidine can be applied to the face with extreme care and by an experienced Dermatologist.

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