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Acne Treatments

The most important goal of all Acne treatments is to prevent scarring. If there is any risk of scarring stronger treatments for Acne should be considered.
The acne treatments that is ultimately chosen will depend on the severity of the Acne. For the mildest forms of Acne topical creams and lotions might be sufficient. Severe Acne that scars might need treatment with a drug called Ro-accutane. In between these two extremes various combinations of topical treatments, oral antibiotics and in females, hormonal therapies, are used.

Common topical (creams and lotions) medications used for acne are as follows:

Azeleic acid (e.g Skinoren)
Adapalene (e.g Differin)
Clindamycin (e.g Dalacin T)
Tretinoin (e.g Retin A)
Benzoyl Peroxide (e.g Benzac, Panoxyl)

Common systemic (tablets) medications used for acne are as follows:

Lymecycline (e.g Tetralysal)
Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim (e.g Lagatrim)
Minocycline  (e.g. Minotabs)
Hormonal medications (Diane 35, Minerva, Yasmin, Yaz, Androcur)
Isotretinoin (e.g. Ro-Accutane, Oratane and Acnetane)

102 thoughts to “Acne Treatments”

  1. Hi doctor 🙂
    I’m 23 years old and have started using minerva 35 as a contraceptive. I did not have acne before the pill. It is my second month using the pill now and I have acne.
    Is this normal with minerva 35 and other oral contraceptives? Will my acne go away with continued usage ?
    Please help.

    1. Good day Nadine

      There are more effective treatment options for Acne. You should consult with the Dermatologist in this regard.

  2. Hi Dr

    I had been on oratane treatment for 7months 2years ago it did clear my skin for few months bt now my skin has acne all over my face with dark spots. Tried few facial products and I realised salicylic acid makes my acne worse,my skin is dry and dull. What can I use Dr?

    Thank you

    1. Good day Banyana

      There are various oral medications as well as topical creams indicated for Acne. It would be best to be assessed by the Dermatologist.

  3. Hi Dr
    I’ve been on Minerva 35 , I’ve been on it for three months now for my acne and its only made it worse . should I change to another contraceptive ?

    1. Good day Candice

      Please consult with a Dermatologist for the appropriate treatment for your Acne.

  4. Dear Dr.

    I have used Yasmin and Diane35 to try control my acne but they both did not work. I usually get pimples when I’m on my period .. Someone recommended Minerva35, do you think it will be better? Is it stronger ?

  5. Hi Dr.

    I am 36 years old and for many years i have been on minerva-35 / Diane-35 to treat my acne problem.
    I have been thinking of going off minerva-35 completely but i know that the acne will come back.
    Is there something else i can do OR will i have to be on Minerva-35 for the rest of my life?

    1. Good day Anka

      There are numerous treatment options for Acne. I would recommend you consult with a Dermatologist.

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