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Types of Acne scarring

There are three types of Acne scarring.

1. Elevated scars, called Hypertrophic scars.

2. Flat scars, due to a colour change. These can be white, red or brown.

3. Indented scars. There are 2 types of indented Acne scars.

  • Pulled down areas. These type of scars are known as Rolling scars due to the overlying skin being pulled down by underlying scar tissue.
  • Punched out lesions due to loss of actual skin substance. Small, pinpoint lesions are known as Icepick scars and bigger lesions as Boxcar scars.

Types of acne Scarring

The treatment of Acne scarring depends on the type of scar.

20 thoughts to “Types of Acne scarring”

  1. Dear Dr.
    I have a very sensitive skin, freckles and white acne scarring. Im using Ilotycin cream currently. Will this cream help with the scars? I don’t have much of an issue with the freckles, but the white spots in contrast to the brown isn’t very pretty. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Warm regards,

    1. Good day Amber

      Treating the Hyperpigmentation with Laser, Peels and/or prescribed topical applications will help to make the Hypopigmented scarring less noticeable.

  2. hi Dr Louw
    I once visited you for a different problem, last year,
    I have a itching pimples on the back of my head, just exactly at the edge of my hair, i believe it can be an infection from a barbershop, as I cut my hair plain at the back, what can i use to get rid of this, this problem has a month now, thanks in advance

  3. Hi doc.

    I have about 10 acne scars on my chest, its probably pitted scars as in goes inwards. I really want to have it treated. Roughly how much would it cost to have it treated. I don’t want to do dermarolling or anything else that doesn’t mostly guarantee results. I am looking for a surgical treatment. Please give me a rough price and yes, I will come in for a consultation eventually, but I at least woulf like a rough estimate.


    1. Dear Alim. There is no treatment for Acne Scarring that guarantee a result of X percent. The treatment of Acne scarring is a process and there are many options. I shall have to see it to give you a reliable idea of cost. If it is icepick scars, punch elevation or even punch excision might be an option…..cost around R2000, but this is just a guess, because it might not be icepick scars.

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