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Acne Light Therapy

Blue light acne therapy

Acne Light Therapy is one of the newer ways to treat acne of mild to moderate severity. The treatment is also suitable for people who do not like taking oral medication, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. You will have the treatment twice per week; once with the blue light and once with red light.

Blue or Red light activates a chemical that is present inside a bacterium that plays a role in acne. After the chemical is activated, the bacterium is destroyed. Red light suppresses the inflammation caused by acne.

Studies have shown that Acne Light Therapy can reduce the inflammatory lesions of acne by 60-70% over a period of 6 weeks. The treatment is normally combined with Skinoren cream that is applied twice daily.

42 thoughts to “Acne Light Therapy”

  1. Good day
    I am a 25 years old female i have bad scares all over my legs results of acne while growing i tried alot of things but no luck. Please help Dr.

  2. Hi Dr Louw

    I am a 25 year old female and have suffered with acne from the age of 12. I’ve been on Roaccutane once before and am currently on Diane 35. My acne is mainly concentrated in my forehead. Due to the negative side effects of Roaccutane I wish to never go back on it again. I would like to know about BBL Photodynamic therapy. I have brown skin as I am indian. Will photodynamic therapy work for me WITHOUT causing hyperpigmentation. Please advise. Thank you

    1. Dear Resheena. PDT will work, but the risk for temporary hyperpigmentation is there. Another option is to add Cyproterone Acetate to your Diane.

  3. Hi Doc, I have had acne(@ the back of my neck) for 4 years now it started after i shaved my hair, from being one small pump, then it developed. Over the yeas I have tried using products like Vaya smooth and methylated spirit,but they didn’t help.What I have noticed over the years is that after shaving my hair it get better for some time maybe 1-2 weeks and when starts growing it also grows and gets worse.Is there any thing that I should use ? this thing is starting to worry me now because i usually see it being scary on other people, although mine is not visible from a distance you need to be really closer to see it.

        1. Good day

          Please refer to the information provided on our website regarding the treatment of Keloids and Acne.

  4. Good day doctors ! Please help ! I have been using Ginette 35 for the past 2 months , on my third pack now *nd am breaking out horribly. Specifically on my jaw bone’ around mouth. I used to be on Yasmin for a few years which worked beautifully for my skin but gave me other side effects like headaches and nausea . Should continue with the Ginette 35 ? Maybe its just taking a while to work ? I have had no other side effect with the Ginette 35 but the breakouts are really aweful. The breakouts also seem to be in clusters on certain patches along jaw and mouth areas. Some advise would be GREAT !!

    1. Dear Leslee. If you had no side effects on Yasmin, consider going back on it, but discuss it with your doctor.

  5. Dear Doc,
    I have been on cortisone treatment for 8 months – have real bad red face and sore skin. In addition I have been told I have menopausal acne?!
    My pulmonologist (panorama medi) advised seeing a dermatologist. Not sure here about my case and cannot afford err visit as med expenses have been very high.

    Thanks & kind regards, c

    1. Dear Carol. One cause of Acne is the Cortisone, but in your case I suspect you cannot stop it. You will have to consult a dermatologist.

  6. I have been on Ginette from 2001 till 2012 It kept my skin clear till about 8 months ago and also made me gain weight, I am going to the Dermatologist on Monday because I have started experiencing itching lots of white heads and red cysts which sometimes becomes white heads and my skin is oily. I am gonna move over to Yasmin for contraceptive on Wednesday. I just wanted to know what do you think caused this problem and is there a permanent solution to fix it if I don’t wanna stay on medication long term.

  7. I have acne and I had it since I was teen, and now I’m 27years and its scarring not that much though, my problem is my spots and I’ve never used the oral medication I’m scared of the side effects. The GP’s have told my acne is mild and controllable. But my spots are so visible and I’m using over the counter spot control and I also used Clinique spot control and OXY Benzoyl but with no much help for the acne keeps on occuring & causes spots.Do you think I should take the oral med for every say my acne is mild but I’m getting merried soon so I don’t want to have pimples on my big day.The cost of the oral med.

    1. There are 2 major indications for the use of oral medication. Bad acne and any form of acne that does not respond to topical medications. The cost of oral medication for Acne ranges from R150 per month to R600 per month.

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